Berkeley Forced to Abandon Green Agenda Ban on Natural Gas after Court Battle

by Frank Bergman at

A nearly four-year court battle has forced the City of Berkeley, California to abandon its landmark ban on natural gas hookups in new buildings.

Berkeley officials have finally agreed to stop enforcing the green agenda rule.

The decision ends a long court battle to beat the ban by industry groups.

The city said it would immediately stop enforcement of the Natural Gas Infrastructure Ordinance while repealing the policy through the regular legislative process.

The agreement was revealed in a legal settlement filed in federal court with the California Restaurant Association (CRA).

The document estimates it will take several months to repeal the rule due to the city council’s procedures and calendar.

In a statement, CRA President and CEO Jot Condie said:

“We are encouraged that the City of Berkeley has agreed to take steps to repeal the ordinance, including immediate nonenforcement of the ban, to remain compliant with federal energy law.

“Every city and county in California that has passed a similar ordinance should follow their lead.