Two Racial Grievance Girls: Michelle and Meghan

by Victoria White Berger at

How much do Meghan Markle, duchess of Sussex, and Michelle Obama, ex–first lady, have in common?  It’s odd how much, yet how little of distinction or substance is in that muchness — given the strong hints of vacuity in both women, and in spite of the gushing excesses of “personality” in their public profiles.  There are so many legitimately accomplished and courageous female heroines, past and present.  It is an unfortunate characteristic of reportage that the likes of these two get the insistent “coverage” withheld from those far more deserving.

The two women share middle-class backgrounds and higher education (Michelle Ivy League, Meghan top-tier) degrees.  Both women have been (Michelle) and are (Meghan) using their own mothers to “help” raise their children, in a sort of familial au pair capacity.  Both have high-fashion tastes and use private jets for travel.  Both are frequent commentators on their own racial victimization.

The serious press doesn’t run much on Meghan, yet just enough to legitimize the tabloids; social media; and bored, dissatisfied individuals across the world who opine that the duchess is something worth thinking about.

Michelle Obama, by contrast, is heavily reported, always, in the MSM.  Michelle does revolving books (or someone does for her).  Apparently, she has a heavy hand in the Obama Netflix MAGA attack theatre.  She routinely fills up the Obama unearned privilege tank with loads of cash, to spend or invest, from wildly overpaid speeches and “cameo” appearances.  Never has grifting been so easy.  At last count, Michelle has four mansions to “live in” and enjoys her subsidized, international celebrity vacation tours annually.

We were told, shortly after Meghan’s ascent — via her heavily strategized betrothal and royal marriage to Prince Harry — that Michelle and Meghan were already “friends” (really?).  There is no longer intel on that “friendship” through the MSM waves — which silence is, of itself, meant to carry a message to us.  Is Michelle not happy with Meghan’s aggressive socio-political ambitions in the race market?  Michelle O is, to any marginally perceptive voter, an argumentative, über-aggrieved individual who leaves no quarter for rivalry.  (Ask Jill Biden.)

Meghan is small beer compared to Michelle — or the press really thinks so.  So what is the commercial glue that holds these two aloft, at least in the progressive mind?  Why, “racism,” of course.  Just ask poor old Oprah, who filmed a long whine-in session after Duchess Meghan’s flight back to Canada (with her prince in tow), and then to California, where Hollywood is.  The main topic was Meghan’s so-called privileged “sufferings” across the pond in Britain — as a “Black.”  Goodness, who knew?

Michelle has those privileged sufferings, too, in her White House desert years, and perennially.  Here Michelle Obama is, with ex–first lady Laura Bush, both commenting — from Tanzania — on life in the White House:

MRS. OBAMA:  No, there are prison elements to it [The White House].  (Laughter.)  But it’s a really nice prison, so…

MRS. BUSH:  But with a chef.