Video of Ilhan Omar Repeatedly Calling Somali Leader “Our President”; Saying, “The President and I Have a Special Relationship, I Call Him Uncle and He Calls Me His Girl”

by Kristinn Taylor at

A video from 2022 of Somali refugee Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) speaking in the Somali language to a gathering of Somali-Americans in Minneapolis and, according to posted translations, repeatedly calling the visiting President of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, “our president,” and saying “Somalia is our home,” is raising new questions about her loyalty to the United States. Omar added she has a “special relationship” with Mohamud. In a visit a week later to Somalia, Omar again called it “our country” while addressing Somali government leaders.

The video from December 15, 2022 resurfaced Tuesday after calls for Omar to be expelled from Congress, stripped of her naturalized American citizenship and deported arose in response to a speech she gave on Saturday to Somali-Americans in Minneapolis.

Two versions of an excerpt from Omar’s 2022 speech were posted on Monday. In the clips, Omar is lavishing praise on Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who also addressed the gathering.