The Andrew Lawton Show | UNRWA association with terrorists is nothing new

by Andrew Lawton at

The United Nations refugee agency operating in the Palestinian terroritories, UNRWA, is facing bombshell allegations from Israel that a dozen of its staff were involved in Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel, with one of them actively involved in a kidnapping. Canada has paused funding of UNRWA but an NDP MP’s response was to donate money to the agency. True North’s Andrew Lawton says UNRWA’s association with terrorists is nothing new – this is just the latest example.

Also, Andrew gives an update on Michael Mann v Mark Steyn, the climate change free speech trial underway in Washington, D.C.

Plus, we launch a new segment called Unjust Transition, an interview series with representatives of Canada’s energy sector who are speaking out against the federal government’s desire to transition away from oil and gas. Today’s episode features Michael Binnion, head of the Modern Miracle Network and CEO of Questerre Energy.

That, and a chat with Avi Yemini and Ezra Levant on the streets of Davos about why independent journalists are the only ones holding the World Economic Forum and its elites to account.