Japan, US and UK will hold regular joint military exercises from 2025 | BBC News

via worldnews.whatfinger.com US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced a “new era” of US-Japan strategic cooperation during the Kishida’s visit to Washington. The nations presented planned projects from co-development of missiles to manned moon landings. Biden condemned China’s behavior in the Asia-Pacific region and reiterated the commitment of the United States […]

Guess who is short of farm workers?

by Silvio Canto at americanthinker.com Let’s file this one in the “you can’t make this up” category.      Down Mexico way, they are running out of farm workers.    This is the story:   For decades, Mexicans crossed the border to pick Americans’ lettuce, grapes and strawberries. Mexico had a seemingly inexhaustible supply of farmhands […]

Schools in 2024: Low Skills, Leftist Ideals

by E. Jeffrey Ludwig at americanthinker.com American education was visibly in decline in the 1950s.  The 1955 book Why Johnny Can’t Read by Jonathan Flesch was a bestseller and was already resisting the “whole language” approach to teaching reading, and it called for a return to phonics.  A recent book by a regular AT contributor, Bruce Deitrick Price, entitled Saving […]

Obama Failure Hits Americans With More Bad News

via vigilantnews.com Forget the $35 trillion national debt, many Americans have a new source of anxiety: Medical Debt.  Personal medical debt in the United States has reached a shocking milestone: it is now larger than all other sources of personal debt – COMBINED. (1)  The $220 Billion Problem  Estimated at over $220 billion at the end […]

TikToker Goes Viral For Telling Illegal Immigrants How To Use Squatters’ Rights To Steal Americans’ Homes

by JULIANNA FRIEMAN at dailycaller.com A TikToker went viral for telling illegal migrants how to use squatters’ rights to steal Americans’ homes. Leonel Moreno, known by his social media handle Leitooficial, posted a video of himself telling illegal migrants to take advantage of squatters’ rights laws and “invade” empty properties in the United States, the Post […]

The Heroic Julian Assange

via lewrockwell.com Julian Assange may soon be extradited to the United States, where he will face prosecution that could end in his imprisonment for life. He is in fact a hero, who should be honored rather than punished. American foreign policy is based on the pursuit of global hegemony and to achieve this goal, our […]

Tucker Carlson Interview with Vladimir Putin Scheduled to Broadcast Tonight, 6pm

by Sundance at theconservativetreehouse.com This is likely to be a very interesting interview for multiple reasons.  The “western world” has not heard much unfiltered or unscripted news about Russian President Vladimir Putin for several years, essentially since the sanctions were imposed in the aftermath of Russia’s entry into Ukraine and the subsequent war. The backlash […]