Tucker Carlson Interview with Vladimir Putin Scheduled to Broadcast Tonight, 6pm

by Sundance at theconservativetreehouse.com

This is likely to be a very interesting interview for multiple reasons.  The “western world” has not heard much unfiltered or unscripted news about Russian President Vladimir Putin for several years, essentially since the sanctions were imposed in the aftermath of Russia’s entry into Ukraine and the subsequent war.

The backlash against Tucker Carlson has been extreme ever since his entry into Russia and visibility in Moscow was noticed.  President Putin having the ability to speak directly to a western audience is not something any of the western government officials are comfortable with.

There are various excerpts of the transcript that have come out since the original mention by Carlson of the interview.  A segment of what is claimed to be a partial transcript is below:

TUCKER: What would you tell the people running America?

PUTIN: Our message is Russia is not your enemy. We don’t want war. We’re ready for peace. Your leaders seek conflict. This is not what we want. Russia stands for its own people. We do not want what is not ours.

TUCKER: Would you visit Washington?

PUTIN: Yes, of course. I’ve been to the United States Before. I enjoy visiting and have met with every president except Joe Biden. If invited I would go. Yes.

TUCKER: What is your opinion of President Biden?

PUTIN: We’re convinced he is not running the country. Let’s say we have good sources that confirm that but it’s plain for anyone to see for themselves. The US has now entered into a dark period. It has unaccountable leadership.

TUCKER: Do you think Joe Biden won fair and square?

PUTIN: I would rather not get into domestic American politics but will say my embassy reported your southern border was better run than that 2020 election. (chuckles)