Left Forces Try Transgendering Jesus For Holy Week 2024

by Judi McLeod at canadafreepress.com

Just in time for Easter (Holy) Week 2024, anti-Christian left forces are trying to transgender God’s Only Begotten Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The Yahoo headline, ’Effeminate’ Christ poster angers Spanish conservatives’ should read ‘Effeminate Christ poster hurts and angers Christians world-wide’.


The creators of the poster, of course, don’t call it “transgendering” the Only Begotten Son of God”, but only showing “the radiant side of Holy Week”. (Yaho, Jan. 29, 2024).

    “It shows “the radiant side of Holy Week” in the “purest style of this prestigious painter,” said the Council of Brotherhoods and Guilds which organises the main Easter week events in the southern city.
    “Designed by Seville artist Salustiano Garcia, the poster shows Christ after his resurrection from the dead, stood semi-naked in front of a blood-red background, with the lower part of his body covered by a white cloth.
    “A poster of Christ to promote Easter week in Seville has drawn a sharp backlash from Spanish ultra-conservatives, who denounced it as “effeminate” and “offensive” to Roman Catholics.
    “In a social media backlash, however, many people denounced the poster as “sexualised”.

Note, according to the story, it’s only “Spanish ultra-conservatives”, and “social media backlash” objecting to this hideous heretical presentation of Christ.