French Farmers Lay ‘Seige’ To Paris To Protest Environmental Red Tape


French farmers gathered in droves outside Paris on Monday in a staged protest against their government’s environmental regulations.

Nearly two months after French farmers dumped 300 cubic meters of manure in front of state buildings in Cahors, hundreds of tractors and mounds of hay are blocking the highways leading into Paris, according to ABC. French farmers argue they are overregulated and forced to compete with lower-priced food imports from countries without the same burdensome regulations, says the outlet.

The farmers are causing a “crisis” for Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, who has been in charge for less than a month, says ABC. “We’ve come to defend French agriculture,” Christophe Rossignol, a 52-year-old farmer and protester, said. “We go from crisis to crisis.”

France is the EU’s biggest agriculture producer, according to Reuters. The protesting farmers say they are not being paid enough and that their businesses are bogged down by regulations on environmental protection. Protestors are upset over the fact that the EU has chosen to import food from Ukraine and South American countries, where environmental standards are not upheld. Famers are also faced with the incoming requirement to leave 4% of all farmland fallow, the outlet reported.