Exclusive MassResistance Interview: Top pro-freedom attorney in Canada tells what it’s like fighting for truth in that hostile environment.

via massresistance.org

Canada’s government, its civil society, and particularly its legal system have become a nightmare, routinely thwarting truth and justice. Its ruling class has adopted a brutal, woke/Marxist-like approach contravening liberty, morality, public health, and even public safety – far outpacing the US.

Earlier this month, one of Canada’s top pro-freedom attorneys, James Kitchen, spoke with Arthur Schaper of MassResistance about what’s happening in Canada and how the few remaining “sane” lawyers deal with it. We found this to be a truly fascinating and insightful discussion of the devolution of the legal system and Canadian society – and how principled attorneys are battling back.

Attorney Kitchen currently represents Rob Hoogland, the father of a “transgender” daughter in British Columbia. In February 2020, a Canadian court ruled that Rob could not interfere with his 14-year-old daughter’s “sex-change” treatments being pushed on her by her school and pro-trans doctors.

The LGBT movement hired lawyers to help the girl sue her own father, and the courts imposed a draconian “gag order” on Rob. So he (or anyone in Canada!) has been banned from revealing the details of what happened to his daughter, or even from using his real name in conjunction with the case. (The courts have ordered that Rob be called “CD” when referring to this case.) Rob was even sent to prison for breaking the gag order. MassResistance – not bound by Canadian courts – has published the details which are illegal to discuss in Canada.

Rob is now out of prison. The daughter is no longer under 18, so the court’s excuse of “protecting” a minor’s privacy no longer holds. Atty. Kitchen is going to court to have the “gag order” finally lifted. But even that will be an uphill battle.