U.N. officials are shocked, shocked, that 9 countries in the West have yanked UNRWA aid

by Monica Showalter at americanthinker.com

It was like the scene in Casablanca.

United Nations bigshots were shocked, shocked, not to find out that they were employing terrorists, but that the West would yank aid from their crummy little terrorism operation as a result of that information getting out there. Twelve United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine and Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) employees were found to have participated in the barbaric atrocities against innocent Israelis on October 7.

Another thousand UNRWA employees have been found to be affiliated with Hamas and that’s just the ones Israel knows about.

And 3,000 of them danced and celebrated when they heard about all the mass murder of Jews committed by Hamas terrorists.

Here’s how gross it was, according to a Wall Street Journal lead editorial:

A new U.N. Watch report, to be released and discussed in Congress on Tuesday, shows “how a Telegram group of 3,000 UNRWA teachers in Gaza celebrated the October 7th Hamas massacre.” The message group’s administators, identified by name and Unrwa contract number, are seen praising Hamas’s “holy warriors” and praying for them to murder Israelis: “O God, tear them apart,” “kill them one by one,” “leave none of them behind,” “execute the first settler on live broadcast.” One urged that Gazans stay in place to help Hamas.

Sound like people who belong around kids?

Sound like people who ought to have bloated-salary United Nations jobs, or any jobs at all?