China, Iran sign policing pledge during Iranian police chief’s Beijing visit

by Zhao Ziwen at

Beijing and Tehran have pledged to strengthen their cooperation against terrorism and transnational crime, as well as to build law enforcement capacity, according to state media reports in China and Iran.
Wang Xiaohong, the Chinese security minister, and Iranian police chief Ahmad Reza Radan signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for “law enforcement cooperation” during a meeting in Beijing on Tuesday.

Neither China’s state news agency Xinhua nor its Iranian counterpart IRNA released the content of the memorandum, which follows a similar public security MOU signed by Tehran and Moscow last year.

According to IRNA, the Iran-Russia MOU calls for “the expansion of security and law enforcement cooperation between the two sides and the exchange of experiences in dealing with factors that foment insecurity”.

In his meeting with Wang, Radan expressed Iran’s willingness to further cooperation on potential technology for use by the two countries’ police forces, IRNA said.