Claudine Gay-Caused Problems For Harvard Are Still Growing

by Jeff Dunetz at

When Claudine Gay was pushed out of her position as president of Harvard University. Some people blamed her forced resignation on racism; others claimed that under Doctor Gay, Havard became a bastion of rampant anti-Jewish hatred or her plagiarism,

Dr. Gay was pushed out because her academic and management mistakes and the school’s cover-up attempts cost the school over $1 Billion. The school’s attempt to cover up MS. Gay’s academic and management mistakes cost the school over $1 Billion, and a few $hundred million more may be gone soon.

Now that she’s resigned, one would think the school’s troubles were over—not so fast.

In Dec. 2022, the New York Post revealed they had told Harvard about the allegations of plagiarism in Gay’s work two months earlier and had been met with threatening letters from an attorney.

The Post began investigating Gay’s potential plagiarism weeks before her disastrous Dec. 5 House testimony on antisemitism, reaching out to Harvard on Oct. 24 for comment on dozens of suspect passages.

The school’s response was to stall for days, then threaten us: The first we heard back was an Oct. 27 letter from elite lawyer Thomas Clare of the Virginia firm Clare-Locke — a 15-page missive identifying him as defamation counsel for the university and Gay; the document quoted several profs who’d apparently been plagiarized but saw no harm.

Sure, they dent the story and hint that they will file a defamation lawsuit if they run the story. Oh, and by the way, the professors who worked for Harvard said there was no problem that Gay stole their work. I am sure it had nothing to do with pressure from the top.