China population: experts say birth-boosting policies should go deeper to build baby bump

by Luna Sun at Though Beijing should provide more financial support for families to boost births, experts said, it will take more extensive measures to prevent the country’s falling population figures from jeopardising national economic growth and social cohesion. Debate has swirled over the effectiveness of present pro-fertility policies, and calls for heavier subsidies […]

China, Iran sign policing pledge during Iranian police chief’s Beijing visit

by Zhao Ziwen at Beijing and Tehran have pledged to strengthen their cooperation against terrorism and transnational crime, as well as to build law enforcement capacity, according to state media reports in China and Iran. Wang Xiaohong, the Chinese security minister, and Iranian police chief Ahmad Reza Radan signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for “law enforcement […]

China and California are leading the way on climate cooperation. Others should follow

by Fan Dai at California governor Gavin Newsom’s delegation is building on existing research and policy initiatives with China, showing that effective climate action can happen below the national level. For the past few years, US–China relations have been icy. We’ve witnessed spy balloons shot down, meetings cancelled, lines of communication severed and insults […]

China’s Li Qiang to attend World Economic Forum in Davos as Beijing pushes for economic recovery

by Laura Zhou at Chinese Premier Li Qiang will join world leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos next week and visit Switzerland and Ireland as Beijing seeks to highlight its openness amid concerns over its slow economic recovery. Li is expected to lead a large business and government delegation to the Swiss resort, where he will address […]

China Sanctions 5 US Defense Firms In Strong ‘Message’ Ahead Of Taiwan Election

by TYLER DURDEN at In a major move by Beijing which appears timed to send a strong message just ahead of Taiwan’s presidential and parliamentary elections on January 13, China has unveiled sanctions against five American defense firms. The targeted companies are involved in recent and ongoing US arms deals and sales to the self-ruled island of […]

China to simplify visa applications for US tourists as both countries seek to improve relations

by Orange Wang at China will simplify the visa application process for tourists from the United States as part of its efforts to step up interactions between people from the two countries. Beijing has also been seeking to woo more international visitors as part of its wider efforts to boost its sluggish economic recovery. Starting from January […]