Hundreds of Pro-Hamas Federal Employees Will Walk Out Tuesday

by M Dowling at

According to Al–Monitor, US Federal employees across two dozen agencies are going to walk off the job on Tuesday to protest the Biden administration’s handling of the Gaza war.

Allegedly, hundreds of people will walk off the job. They’re calling themselves the Feds United for Peace, and these government employees will be observing a Day of Mourning to mark 100 days of Israel’s military campaign in Gaza.

Participants will come from the Executive Office of the President, the National Security Agency, the Department of State, Defense, Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs, as well as the US Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Naval Research Laboratory. Also joining them will be the Food and Drug Administration, the National Park Service, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Environmental Protection Agency. All in all, they’ll have at least 22 agencies protesting.