Sick: Houthi Terrorists Conduct Training Drills in Houses Marked with The Star of David and Cowering Actors Dressed as Orthodox Jews

by Margaret Flavin at

Video has emerged of Yemeni Houthi terrorists conducting training drills where they are shown storming a mock Jewish residential area with houses/tents marked with the Star of David.

While the sick propaganda video is poor quality, men can be seen wielding assault rifles before advancing on the makeshift compound, storming tents, and shooting at the portrait of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before tearing it down.

The Daily Mail reports:

They then appear to practice taking hostages, seen using assault rifles to usher cowering actors dressed as Orthodox Jews out of the tents.

The troops are seen from above to drive away from the compound before blowing the site up entirely in an apparently controlled demolition.

Images of the drills were first shared on Saturday after the Houthi leadership promised revenge for strikes conducted by allies in response to rebel attacks on trade vessels in recent weeks.