Reid Hoffman Channels Sam Bankman-Fried

by Ken Kurson at

It is almost impossible in 2024 to be authentically outraged about money in politics but Reid Hoffman’s $250,000 donation to the Super PAC supporting Nikki Haley is uniquely disgusting.

However offensive some may find it that wealthy individuals can spend limitless amounts on groups that support the candidates they favor, there’s something particularly disgraceful about spending similar amounts to elect candidates one does not support.

But because tech entrepreneurs truly believe they understand who deserves not just to be elected, but even eligible to be elected, they seem to have no compunction about interfering with the process. By whatever means necessary.

The most shocking recent example of this mindset – to my mind, more disgraceful than any of the crimes for which she was convicted – is the revelation that Sam Bankman-Fried tried to launch a plan to spend $5 billion to bribe Donald Trump not to run again. This is sick. To my mind, it’s far more sinister, with effects far more wide-reaching, than defrauding investors to cover your trading losses.

By supporting a candidate who he himself says he would not vote for —Hoffman hosted a fundraiser for Biden in California last year—solely in the hope of defeating a candidate for a party to which he does not belong, Reid Hoffman is pulling a Sam Bankman-Fried.

“I agree with Jamie Dimon’s recent comments that Democrats should support Haley in the primary and Biden in the general election,” wrote Hoffman in a treacly “American Democracy“ post on his stupid social network. Got that? A Democrat wants Biden to win and wants to help pick the Republican he feels will help make that happen. Not a great message for Republican voters.