Dem Senator Tries to Take Credit for Saving Hunting Programs He Put in Jeopardy: ‘You Are a Liar’

by Warner Todd Huston at

Montana Sen. Jon Tester, a Democrat running for re-election in 2024, is bragging in a new campaign ad that he helped save hunting safety programs from a Biden administration effort to defund them.

The ad conveniently neglects to mention that Tester put the hunting programs in the administration’s crosshairs in the first place.

“I love teaching hunter education and passing on Montana’s outdoor heritage to the next generation,” says John Salazar, who is identified as a “hunter education teacher” in the ad.

“When I heard the Biden administration was trying to block funding for gun safety and hunter education classes, I knew Jon Tester would do what he always does — give ’em hell,” Salazar continues.

“Jon got his Republican colleagues on board to stop Biden’s policy and defend our Second Amendment rights. Montanans know Jon always defends our way of life from anyone — no matter what.”

The Daily Wire blew a massive hole in Tester’s claims on Friday, noting that the Democrat voted “yes” on Senate Bill 2938, the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, which banned the use of federal funds for “training in the use of a dangerous weapon.”

When the Department of Education attempted to use SB 2938 to target school shooting programs, Tester was forced to save face by insisting that the Biden administration was “misinterpreting” the measure.