Muslim Leaders Hold An #AbandonBiden Conference in Chicago

by Fuzzy Slippers at

The last time we checked in on Muslim leaders’ #AbandonBiden campaign, they were bumbling along, shouting their displeasure with Biden’s apparently disappointing failure to visibly cheer on Hamas terrorists and their barbaric and inhuman attacks on peaceful Israeli citizens.

This failure to celebrate mass rapes, torture, baby beheading, genital mutilation, and the unrestrained slaughter of innocent women, children, and the elderly has festered for Muslim leaders, apparently, so they decided to hold a meeting in Chicago to get themselves organized to ensure that Biden loses in 2024.

I’m very okay, of course, with Biden losing next year. I am less good with the whole premise of this “movement.” Pushing U.S. policy to become anti-Israel is a huge problem; pushing it to become pro-Hamas and pro-jihad is a disaster of the first order. But here we are.