Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Begs Biden for Assistance With Illegal Border Crossers: ‘Entire Country is Now at Stake’

by Mike LaChance at

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson seemed to suggest during recent televised comments that the city of Chicago is at a breaking point due to the influx of illegal aliens in the city.

It’s very easy for someone like Johnson to virtue signal by saying that their city is a sanctuary city, but it’s a whole different thing when the reality of the situation sets in.

It didn’t take very long for Chicago to buckle under the weight of this crisis.

FOX News reports:

Chicago mayor on migrant crisis: ‘Entire country is now at stake’ without significant assistance from Biden

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson warned the entire country “is at stake” if President Biden doesn’t spend resources addressing the migrant crisis that is overwhelming his city.

The progressive leader appeared Wednesday on CNN to talk about the surge of migrants into the sanctuary city. He argued that leaders in his state and around the country need to work together in a more “coordinated” approach that is backed by “significant” financial support from the Biden administration.

Johnson touted his administration’s efforts providing housing, healthcare and schooling for migrant families. However, he admitted the city’s resources were being stretched and needed the federal government’s help.