WEF’ers Bound To Look Less Than Ravishing In Their Straitjackets

by Judi McLeod at canadafreepress.com

Those in generations of the past were spared from coming across gross pictures of Klaus Schwab & Company decked out in their absurd raiment in the iconic Simpson/Sears catalogue.

Maniacal Schwab, calls his absurd form of dress a “uniform” when, in reality, he’s a largely ignored latter day ‘Emperor With No Clothes’.

    “The WEF declared that by 2030 fashion will become completely obsolete and all humans will be vegan, whether they like it or not.” (News Addicts)

Only ‘Hollyweird’ ‘stars’, headline-hungry celebrities, real and unreal, and royalty dress largely for “fashion”. Those in the controlled masses dress to keep warm, decent and dignified.

    “A newly resurfaced report written in 2019 states that humans will only be permitted to buy three items of clothing per year and will be prohibited from buying or consuming meat. (News Addicts)

It should go without saying, that no one on Earth needs WEF permission to buy clothes.

However, morons over at the WEF’er House have added folks’ blue jeans, ski jackets and other items of clothing to the ever-growing global-warming-cause-list and claim that they can only buy clothing three times a year.