Cries of ‘Fascism’ Ring out After Javier Milei Goes Scorched Earth on Socialism in Argentina

by Bonchie at

Javier Milei caused a political earthquake in November after winning the presidency in Argentina, ending decades of socialist rule. The wild-haired economist got to work immediately after being sworn in, slashing the number of government ministries, including the nation’s gender and diversity bureaucracy. He’s now pushing the ball further down the field, with a sweeping executive order that eliminates many of the more communistic aspects of Argentina’s government.

That comes as the once-wealthy South American country desperately tries to recover from a self-inflicted inflation crisis that has seen prices rise 160 percent in the preceding year. Milei ran on a return to fiscal sanity, including ending the corrupt regime of hand-outs and benefits that the socialist and union leaders had voted for themselves.