Biden’s ‘Climate Army’ Will Severely Hurt Economy, Republicans Warn: ‘Radical Anti-American Energy Agenda’

by Frank Bergman at

Republicans are raising the alarm about the billions of dollars in taxpayer money that Democrat President Joe Biden is pumping into his so-called “Climate Corps.”

House Republican has responded to Biden’s $30 billion green agenda plan by introducing a bill that targets the scheme.

If Biden’s initiative succeeds, the Climate Corps will train 20,000 young people “for jobs in the clean energy economy,” according to the White House.

These jobs will be focused on “advancing environmental justice, deploying clean energy, implementing energy-efficient technologies, and tackling climate change.”

However, Republicans have slammed Biden’s initiative as an attempt to deploy a “climate army.”

Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) introduced a bill to tackle Biden’s plan called the “No American Climate Corps Act.”

Good warns that the “Climate Corps” is just another example of the Biden administration “furthering its radical anti-American energy agenda.”