“State Of Denial Arizona” Watch Party Followed by X Space with Kari Lake Attorneys Kurt Olsen, Bryan Blehm, Clay Parikh, and Rochelle Cabirac

by Brian Lupo at thegatewaypundit.com

Today at 12 pm EST, you can join a live watch party of the incredible 2022 Election documentary State Of Denial Arizona.  The Gateway Pundits’ Brian Lupo will be co-hosting the Watch Party with Ashe Epp and the director of the documentary, Matt Thayer.  You can watch below or click here to open the Rumble webpage.

Immediately following the Watch Party, there will be an open format Q&A X (formerly Twitter) Space with special guests Matt Thayer (director), Kurt Olsen and Bryan Blehm (Kari Lake’s attorneys), Certified Ethical Hacker and former voting systems tester Clay Parikh, and elections investigators Kevin Moncla and Rochelle Cabirac.