Biden’s Far Left Nominee for Labor Secretary Finally Fails Senate Confirmation, is Sent Back to His Desk

by Mike LaChance at

Biden’s far left nominee for Labor Secretary, Julie Su, has been ‘acting’ Labor Secretary for almost a year because she couldn’t gain approval from the United States Senate.

Now she may have faced her final attempt at confirmation.

The Senate basically said ‘no thanks’ and sent the nomination back to Biden’s desk.

Townhall reports:

Julie Su’s Nomination Returned to Biden in Latest White House Embarrassment

While she’s hardly the first Biden nominee to fail in achieving enough support to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate, Acting Labor Secretary Julie Su’s nomination was finally sent back to the president’s desk this week, 281 days after Biden put her forward to helm the Department of Labor.

“During her tenure as Acting Labor Secretary, Su refused to answer whether AB 5 was a good law, even though she championed and aggressively enforced the law during her tenure in California,” Kiley reminded in a statement. “President Biden knows Julie Su will never be confirmed, and if Ms. Su remains in power as an unconfirmed Acting Secretary, every action of the Labor Department is under a legal cloud,” he warned. “It is high past time for President Biden to withdraw this failed nomination and choose a qualified Secretary who will perform his or her duties competently and will be on the side of American workers.”