Jury Convicts Powerful Chicago Democrat On 13 Federal Corruption Charges

by JULIANNA FRIEMAN at dailycaller.com

A jury convicted former Chicago Alderman Ed Burke on Thursday on 13 federal corruption charges.

Burke was found guilty of racketeering, bribery and attempted extortion following six weeks of a federal corruption trial, the New York Post (NYP) reported. The 79-year-old was convicted on 13 of the 14 charges brought against him, according to the outlet.

Burke was indicted for using his Chicago City Council position to bring business from private developers to his own law firm, according to the outlet. He reportedly targeted the developer 601W Companies LLC of New York, which was working on a $600 million renovation to Chicago’s Old Post Office, a Burger King restaurant and the liquor store chain Benny’s Beverage Depot.

“Did we land the, uh, tuna?” Burke reportedly asked former Alderman Danny Solis, who wore a wire for two years as federal investigators probed the case. Another recording captured Burke saying the developers could “go fuck themselves” if they believed they would receive his favorable treatment.