Mark my words-Sound the Alarm

by Jules McGee at

I have had an account with DK for many years. I have been silent for years too. 

I think it is in the interest of a lot of Kossacks (are we even called that anymore?) to display optimism about the upcoming election. I could speculate about why. Nobody wants to believe that Trump is going to pull this out. We see things from our own perspectives, and for many, Biden is one of, if not THE, best President of our lifetimes. How could other voters not see that? How could they not find Trump repellant?

Let’s find someone to blame. Young people, that’s the ticket. Millennials, Zoomers. (I am Gen X, so hold the accusations of ageism). Better yet, let’s invalidate the polls. It’s too far out. Not a large enough sample. Polls show likely voters. Voters with landlines. People are “momentarily” angry about I/P and will remember Roe in November. 

We don’t want to see it because we don’t want to believe it. It’s unthinkable. 

Believe it. Believe it. 

Please do not stick your head in the sand. 

Trumpers have their own lenses. So do we. We are incredulous. How could they vote for him?