Doubling Down: West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner accuses CIA of stealing 2020 election for Biden

via CHARLESTON — Since making controversial comments about the 2020 presidential election last week, West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner continues to say the election was stolen from former president Donald Trump without providing evidence to back up those claims. During a forum last week on WV MetroNews with several Republican candidates for […]

Mark my words-Sound the Alarm

by Jules McGee at I have had an account with DK for many years. I have been silent for years too.  I think it is in the interest of a lot of Kossacks (are we even called that anymore?) to display optimism about the upcoming election. I could speculate about why. Nobody wants to […]

ICYMI: Michigan Court of Appeals Rules Trump Can Stay on 2024 Primary Ballot

by Jim Hᴏft at The Michigan Appeals Court ruled in favor of allowing former President Donald J. Trump to remain on the 2024 presidential primary ballot. The ruling follows legal challenges brought forth by plaintiffs who questioned Trump’s eligibility under the Insurrection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. The Gateway Pundit previously reported that a Michigan judge […]