Should US Voters Read Yasser Arafat’s Words From The Famous UN ‘Olive Branch’ Speech Of 1974?

by Conor Coughlin at

As voters prepare to go to polls this November, they may want to re-consider the spoken words of Yasser Arafat from his famous ‘Olive Branch’ speech before the United Nations fifty years ago. If the average citizen were to simply set aside every “preconceived” argument regarding religion, law and war, and then consider only Arafat’s actual words, they would learn much about the true origins of the UN’s political agenda. Contrary to media spin, could anyone actually deny that Arafat had provided the exact blueprint for the UN’s business model on that day?

It was 1974, and the chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization had arrived at the UN armed, only surrendering his ‘revolutionary’s pistol’ just prior mounting the stage to make his speech. It would have been nearly impossible to have missed that empty gun holster, as he provided his rant for the UN diplomats. Which corporate media, choose to sum up in his final few sentences.

It’s was everything else said just minutes earlier, that should concern American today. Arafat’s ‘Olive Branch’ plan for peace, somehow managed to incorporated all of the contemporary Progressive language being spewed by radicals today. Not just bits and pieces of the agenda, he had provided every single aspect of what later became the DEI policies for public and private corporations.

The questionable lines that received all the attention are as follows; “Today I have come bearing an olive branch and a freedom fighter’s gun. Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand. I repeat: do not let the olive branch fall from my hand”. Then ending his diatribe with “War flares up in Palestine, and yet it is in Palestine that peace will be born”. Why did that rhetoric, take presentient over Arafat’s earlier promotion of UN policies involving commerce, trade and wealth creation?

The media didn’t reported on seeing any Olive Branch displayed on that day, or bother to comment on his remarks about the objectives formulated at the Third United Nations Conference. The partisan pundits had come to hear the spokesman for a new Non-Governmental Organization, providing words of wisdom on the subject of peaceful coexistence. Which involved violent revolution, that had somehow magically morphed into a green revolution later, but operated by OPEC members and shady hedge-fund operators.

He was talking about initiatives created under the guise of forming a new Clean Energy Economy, which Globalist now refer to as the Green New Deal. Those ecological-based initiatives are known by many other titles, and are also under the control of authoritarian governments across the globe. Most are using EPA-approved products and services in their green-washing schemes, and many have ties to the bogus ‘carbon-credit’ trading industry.

The PLO’s boss had come to talk about replacing the ‘outmodeded’ system of American Capitalism, with a new, more logically rational system of governance. In order to be victorious over colonialism, imperialism, Neo-colonialism and racism in all its forms. Including Zionism. The PLO chairman was outlining how the UN had already resolved to binding economic ties, that were allegedly grounded in justice, parity and the mutual interest of their fellow Cultural Marxist.

President George H. W. Bush hadn’t even announced his plans for a NWO, or introduced his ‘Voodoo Economic’ agenda until the late 1980’s. Yet, a so-called revolutionary hero was defining the aspirations for justice, equity and freedom from oppression, through a UN economic model that some believed ‘could’ end tension, oppression and exploitation. Just don’t ask how it works!

This promoter of International Socialism, claimed that the UN had some type of productive scientific and technical capabilities, which suggested that they believed in the ‘hope’ of reducing the disparity that existed between nations. If only the rest of the world, would just listen to the experts. Except, that these UN experts, resembled the same parties that radicals often described as their most-hated enemies.

George Bush Sr. had been President Nixon’s Ambassador to the UN in 1973, when the UN first began formulating plans for the ‘World Population Conference at Bucharest’, the ‘World Food Conference in Rome’, and their ‘Law of the Sea at Caracas’. Which would rely on input from hostile foreign nations, that appeared to be more fixated on ancient grievances having absolutely nothing to to do with honest commerce.

These are not the type of experts, that most honest Americans would pay for advice.

Try to keep these facts in mind. No American citizen has ever voted for any UN policy initiative. Nor did they know a Palestinian hero, had even presented the first official speech for the UN’s money-making ventures. Globalist news outlets would like for you to believe their business lines were formed by a respected university professor named Klaus Schwab. Who had crafted an economic manifesto, in coordination with his pals at the Club Of Rome, for his privately-controlled World Economic Forum.

Has any U.S. Senators ever voted to adopt that old manifesto, or their new 2019 version? Only the Globalist would think our elected representatives could replace our U.S. Constitution, with that document. Even though nobody is claiming to have ever actually taken the time to read that manifesto, or could point toward anyone that had even seen the document.

If Socialist can’t even describe their product, how do they determine its value to humanity?

How would anyone know if that enterprise was sound, without a comprehensive analysis of Schwab’s plan for a Fourth Industrial Revolution from 1971. That was the only version of economic reality that Yasser Arafat would have had access to back in 1974.

And it was European bureaucrats, diplomats and educators, that contrived that corrupt UN’s business model. Starting with UN programs like UNWRA, and ending with every major economic agency connected the UNOPS fraud.

The UN’s narratives have become completely unhinged, and climate diplomats are now claiming that “Global Boiling” is the next investment opportunity for the savvy entrepreneurs of WEF.

No US politicians were claiming involvement in those foul efforts of the past, because President Richard Nixon was the anti-Communist Republican leader that had recently won the largest landslide election in American history. Its important to remember our past, especially when it comes to voting on America’s future.

After over fifty years of Progressive propaganda, how many of their Civil Rights activists can justify the outcomes from association with all those corrupt UN business-driven enterprises. Its probably equal the number of journalist, still trying to locate that ‘Olive Branch’ Arafat had allegedly dropped at the UN long ago.