Anti-Israel campus protesters have experienced “some kind of psychiatric break”

by William A. Jacobson at

I was interviewed recently by the Jerusalem office of Mishpaca Jewish Family Weekly, which is targeted at the Orthodox Jewish community in its various forms, about the situation on U.S. campuses.

My interview was one of several interviews as part of an article on Degrees of Hate:

At leading universities across America, the anti-Israel feeling that normally bubbles beneath the surface of the predominating progressive agenda has suddenly taken over normal life.

Class is out as pro-Hamas students intimidate their Jewish peers and tangle with police, all in the name of social justice and supporting the Palestinian cause.

These colleges that are meant to educate America’s elite have been exposed as citadels of intolerance. Institutions founded to develop critical thinking have become hotbeds of support for the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack on Israel.

To observers the world over, the unrest at Ivy League institutions is yet another sign that America itself is in turmoil. Some insist that this will blow over, pointing to the tradition of radical campus activism dating back to Vietnam. But to many who are more closely involved, it all hints at something darker: a shuttering of the academic mind that bodes ill for Israel and for America itself.