Boston Children’s Hospital’s infamous “Gender Clinic” reorganizes its website to hide what it’s really doing to children.


The infamous “Gender Clinic” at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), which opened in 2007, was the first major medical facility in America providing “gender” procedures for children. Since then, it has been the model for similar major hospitals around the world.

The BCH Gender Clinic site previously included descriptions of most of its surgical “gender” procedures, the names of the doctors involved, and even videos of its staff explaining how they diagnosed and treated the bodies and minds of children and teenagers. But that has changed recently. The site has recently become an irrational, deceptive maze.

MassResistance raised awareness

MassResistance began raising awareness of this clinic almost immediately after it opened. In 2007, we did a segment on our MassResistance radio show on its puberty blocking treatments for young children. We were featured on Fox News in 2008 exposing the clinic to the country. At that time the public was just beginning to address this outrage.

Still today, the mainstream media recognizes BCH as a great institution, despite the harm inflicted on “transgender” children.

In April 2023 we released our detailed 70-page report on all the Gender Clinic programs at Boston Children’s Hospital. It was shocking to read, and we received feedback from around the country. As more people have become aware of what BCH and other hospitals are doing to children, the outrage across the country has increased tremendously.