Climate Crisis Inc. Takes a Hit

by Kip Hansen at

Climate Crisis Inc., a nebulous, secretive  but highly organized cabal of activist groups, NGOs living on dark money from billionaires and rest of the climate-crisis industry (see The Breakthrough Institute’s  latest bombshell:  The Climate Industry’s Misdirection Campaign by Jessica Weinkle), took a serious hit on May 1st:  Ninth Circuit Dismisses Kids’ Climate Case (Again).  (National Law Review).

One of the several sub-departments of Climate Crisis Inc. (residing in the Propaganda Ministry thereof), Inside Climate News, bemoans this news in a piece titled:  “Appeals Court Ordered the Dismissal of a Landmark Youth Climate Court Case”.

The “Landmark Youth Climate Case” is known as Juliana v. United States.  The Wiki supplies a (not-necessarily unbiased)  summary of the case here.

There are lots of viewpoints on the dismissal of the case, which is not quite final. 

The Guardian:  “Court strikes down youth climate lawsuit on Biden administration request

Reuters:  “US appeals court says kids’ climate lawsuit must be dismissed

ABCNews:   “Appeals court rejects climate change lawsuit by young Oregon activists against US government” 

Politico/E&E News:  “9th Circuit strikes down Juliana climate case a second time