Campus Pro-Hamas ‘Protesters’ Alarm Democrats, Provide Fodder For Pro-America GOP Ads

by Fuzzy Slippers at

For some reason, Democrats think that the campus protests by Hamas supporters and cheerleaders is a good look. They wax on fondly about the ’60s with no regard for the vast differences between the Hamas invasion of Israel on October 7th, 2023 and the Vietnam War in which America’s young men were actually on the ground.

Screeching “We’re all Hamas” is hideous when one considers, as one must, the horrific acts of savagery and barbarism committed against innocent Israeli citizens, often in their own homes. We have documented the senseless evil here at LI, and the documentary “Screams Before Silence” is heart-wrenching in its brutal honesty about the atrocities Hamas (and some Gazans) perpetrated upon Israeli women and girls.

This is what the campus agitators support, and it’s disgusting. It’s vile beyond words. And Americans are quickly learning that this is no grassroots movement of student radicals, it’s a well-plannedcarefully executed attempt to destroy America and replace it with . . . what? George Washington as a Hamas “fighter”?