Pledge to vote on NO on I-2117

by Kimberly Larson at

I love the beauty here. And I’m also proud to live in a state where we’re leading the country on cleaning up air pollution, getting more clean energy solutions into our homes and communities, and finally making polluters pay for their climate pollution. What we are doing here is special, and powerful too as we align with our region. We could lead the way for other states.  Maybe that’s why we are getting attacked. 

Right now a right-wing, out-of-state billionaire wants to block our progress in Washington. You are needed now to stop his scheme—and pledge to vote No on I-2117 in November.

Initiative 2117 is on the statewide Washington ballot this November. If voters pass I-2117, it would repeal our state’s landmark law to cut climate pollution and fund clean energy—and would block future action. 

This is not a faraway threat. If this bad initiative passes this fall, you will lose out on cleaner air. Repealing the law would strip away state funding that makes transit cheaper, creates critical wildfire prevention programs, and so much more, across our state. 

Losing funding for solutions means you and your community would lose. You would lose out on a clean, cool, and energy-savvy home; your neighborhood would lose clean and quiet electric trucks and buses and more trees in hot places; our state’s farmers would lose funding for climate-resilient farmland.

The No on I-2117 campaign just launched today. It’s a growing, incredibly diverse and unprecedented statewide coalition of business and environmental leaders, Tribal nations, labor unions and community organizations dedicated to protecting our air and water. We are a part of it. I hope you will join too; this is going to take all of us.