Arizona State Democrat Lawmakers Host ‘Drag Story Hour’ at the Capitol


Arizona State Democrat lawmakers teamed up with pro-abortion Planned Parenthood to host “Drag Queen Story Hour” at the state Capitol, according to Arizona State Senate Republicans.

Arizona State Senate Republicans shared a brief video of the event on social media, showing a man with hot pink eyebrows and a beard encouraging parents to allow their children to transition to the opposite gender. He was reportedly reading from Queer and Fearless: Poems Celebrating the Lives of LGBTQ+ Heroes.

“When is it time to choose a new name? Why does someone become an activist? How does one begin?” he began.

“Who? Pauline Hart. What? A Korean-American trans activist. Where? New York City. When? From the time she was five. Why? To ensure rights for herself and others. How? One step at a time,” the man continued, telling parents to “listen to your kids” when it comes to becoming transgender, speaking from his personal experience:

Because I can tell you I knew from a very young age — very, very young age — and had the resources been there, had the language been there, had all the things that are available today been there, things might have been very different for me instead of waiting 35 years.

“We may go from identifying as, you know, within the binary, and then we decide, ‘You know what, that doesn’t fit me. I think I’m agender. I don’t really identify as a gender, so please use they/them pronouns,’” he added.

“WARNING: THIS CONTENT MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN,” AZSenateRepublicans wrote, on X sharing the video.

“Arizona Democrat lawmakers teamed up with Planned Parenthood to host ‘Drag Story Hour’ at the Capitol to encourage parents to transition their kids. This is ahead of LGBTQ+ YOUTH Day at the Capitol tomorrow,” it continued.

“Your taxpayer dollars are hard at work to push child indoctrination and woke ideology onto our citizens. The madness must stop,” it added: