Emory economics lecturer screams ‘I’m a professor’ as Georgia cops shove her face on concrete at anti-Israel camp – as abhorrent Nazi banner calling for FINAL SOLUTION is raised at GWU

by BETHAN SEXTON at dailymail.co.uk

An Emory University lecturer screamed ‘I’m a professor’ after cops forcefully took her to the ground during her arrest at a Gaza solidarity protest on campus.

Economics professor Caroline Fohlin was wrestled to the concrete by a cop after she tried to intervene during the arrest of another demonstrator.

The academic, 57, was among the faculty arrested at a pro Palestine encampment at the Georgia college on Thursday, which was dispersed by cops using tear gas and rubber bullets.

Meanwhile, at George Washington University, a protestor sparked outrage after being photographed carrying a sign referencing ‘the final solution’, shorthand for Hitler’s plan to exterminate the Jews.

Shocking video shows Fohlin being gripped by the arms by an officer who repeatedly barks at her to get on the ground. 

She yells ‘stop it’ and wriggles out of the cop’s grasp before backing away with her hands up. 

As she steps back, the cop lunges for her again, grabbing both her wrists and ordering her to get on the ground.