Maren Morris Doubles Down On Choice To Take Toddler To Drag Performance


Maren Morris recently voiced her support for drag shows as wholesome family entertainment during her Saturday appearance on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

The country music star addressed the Tennessee legislation prohibiting drag performances in areas accessible to children. She recalled her experience at a benefit drag show event held at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena with her son in tow.

“We were doing a benefit at Bridgestone last year when they were doing the drag ban in Tennessee,” Morris told Kelly Clarkson. “There were drag queens like throughout, entertaining as well, and one actually danced with me when I was singing my song, ‘The Middle.’ And it was just amazing and fun.”

“My son loves watching me, like sit in the makeup chair and just is like fascinated with the colors … it was just like completely harmless,” she added.

The “My Church” singer also shared insights into her personal life, revealing how her son is captivated by the colors while she sits in the makeup chair, viewing these moments as completely benign and a celebration of artistic expression.

“But I think it’s just such an amazing expression of artistry, and so I just think like normalizing it and making it seem like these are just people that love dressing up too, is an amazing thing,” the country singer continued. “It was an all-ages show so, it was completely family-friendly.”