Cowdemic: Cattle Infected with ‘Super Bird Flu’ Now Detected in 6 States

by Leslie Eastman at

We have been closely following reports about the highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), especially after it was detected in cattle in Texas, Kansas, and Michigan.


Three more states are now reporting “super bird flu” infected livestock.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture reports that a Wood County herd has tested positive for A(HPAI).

The cattle that tested positive came to a dairy operation in Wood County from Texas on March 8. State officials were notified when the cattle began exhibiting symptoms similar to herds infected with bird flu in other states. Most sick cows recover within a few days, according to the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

This H5N1 strain of bird flu, among the deadliest forms according to the Associated Press, has been found in dairy cows in Texas, Kansas, Idaho, New Mexico and Michigan.

New Mexico dairy cows are also sick with bird flu.

On Tuesday, the state’s top veterinarian said that cows from two separate herds have been confirmed positive for highly pathogenic avian influenza and another herd has “presumptive positives,” meaning suspected positive cases.

All of the known cases are in Curry County.

“We don’t have an actual count of the cows individually,” said New Mexico State Veterinarian Samantha Uhrig. “We have a number of herds that have been confirmed.”