Breaking: Former Bodyguard for P. Diddy Says There Are Secret Tapes of A-Listers and Politicians at Diddy’s Parties – VIDEO

by Jim Hoft at

P. Diddy’s ex-girlfriend is reportedly cooperating with the feds. According to TMZ she’s been helping them for a few weeks. She previously accused him of rape, abuse and sex trafficking.

And, Gene Deal, P. Diddy’s former bodyguard is also talking.

Deal says there were A-Listers, princes, AND politicians attending P. Diddy’s infamous parties. AND there might be video.

Gene Deal: “I don’t think it’s only celebrities going to be shook. He had politicians in there. He had princes in there. He also had a couple of preachers in there.

Interviewer: You personally, you think they got tapes?

Gene Deal: Well, my personal opinion that if Lil Rob could be trusted and his statements are true, they got them. They got tapes and stuff.

This sounds an awful lot like a former financier we knew who was later found dead in his prison cell.