Citizen Groups Stepping Up to Demand Honest Elections

by Jack Gleason at

In any contest between two or more parties, an impartial referee is often necessary to ensure that the rules are followed fairly.

This includes sports and competitions of all kinds, debates, and yes, even spelling bees in elementary school. Without impartial judges, there is no confidence that the victories were legitimate.

This is why it is such a scandal whenever it is alleged that a referee in a hotly-contested college football championship has made a questionable game-changing call, or when a judge is found to have ties to the defendant that seemingly slants his ruling.

Local, state, and national news reporting is also a contest about which facts in a story are most relevant. Reporters would be impartial, relate the basic facts, and let viewers decide for themselves. It used to be impossible to determine whether the evening news announcer was liberal or conservative. Investigative reporters bravely sought to expose scandals from both political sides.

Since the 1970s, the “Fourth Estate” has largely slanted the news from one perspective. This bias has risen to such an absurd level that we had a reporter during a riot with a fire raging in the background saying the protests were “mostly peaceful.”

In 2016, Hillary Clinton and the media claimed the election was stolen by Trump and the Russians. The Democrats cried foul and tried to change the electors. But in 2020, any who suggested possible election fraud were branded by the media as “election deniers.”

Political contests, often called “races,” are refereed by election officials who are required to follow very specific federal and state laws. As government has become an ever-increasing force in our daily lives, the results make a huge difference at the local, state, and national level. What will your child be taught in school? Will your state encourage or deny abortion? Will congress enact laws to raise your taxes? Will the president get us into a war, or try to tell you which kind of car you must drive?

When the irregularities of the 2020 election were ignored by the justice system and the media, average citizens came forward to figure out what might have happened.

In upstate New York, Marly Hornik, a goat-herder and homeschool mom, teamed up with election and cybersecurity expert Harry Haury, and formed New York Citizens Audit to investigate their state voter roll database.