Bill Melugin-Over 180 Chinese Illegal Aliens Caught By Border Patrol in San Diego Sector in Just One Day

by David Greyson at

Joe Biden’s America.

Over 180 Chinese illegal aliens were caught at the San Diego sector of the border on Tuesday per CBP data. Since October 1st, there have been 22,000 Chinese illegal aliens caught by the border patrol.

As Bill Melugin reminds us, “apprehended doesn’t mean deported.”

In February a Chinese illegal alien who crossed the border in the San Diego sector admitted he was here to “take the money.”

California’s southern border is wide open for illegals to pass through. A major portion of them are in Jacumba (east San Diego county), and are exploiting a breach in the border wall. In February, that sector saw an invasion from 73 different countries in a one-week time span.

What’s even more alarming are illegals that are on the terror watchlist. With millions of people pouring in with zero accountability, the US is in great danger of potential terrorist attacks.

Texas has been handling the border very differently than California. Governor Abbott has made guarding the southern border a top priority. The Texas National Guard has secured the El Paso sector with the installation of razor wire and fences that are designed to prevent scaling.