Anti-Israel Voters on the Left Could Inflict Real Damage to Biden in November

by Mike LaChance at

Back in February, when the Michigan Democrat primary happened, even though Biden won, some people were raising concerns over the number of people who voted for ‘uncommitted’ over Biden’s stance on the Israel/Hamas conflict.

The left and a certain number of Muslim voters are not happy with how Biden is handling this issue, and they’re letting him know ahead of time that it might cost him their votes.

This week, a similar thing happened in the primary races for Wisconsin and other states.

FOX News reports:

Progressive activists take victory lap after tens of thousands of Democrats cast protest votes against Biden

President Biden’s campaign received a significant amount of “protest votes” in Tuesday night’s primaries, adding to the narrative that the campaign is having a difficult time uniting a fractured party base.

In the Wisconsin Democratic primary, 8.4% of voters selected the “uninstructed” option rather than vote for President Biden, which amounted to almost 48,000 votes. Additionally, 17,553 votes, 3.1%, were cast for Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips, who is no longer in the race.

In Connecticut, the vote total for “uncommitted” was 11.5%, just under 8,000 votes. In Rhode Island, 14.9% of voters were “uncommitted,” which totaled just under 4,000 votes…

Some of those activists in Wisconsin took a victory lap Wednesday after votes rolled in.

“In Wisconsin alone, nearly 48,000 voters cast an unrestricted ballot in the Democratic presidential primary, far surpassing campaign goals and significantly exceeding President Biden’s margin of victory over Trump in the 2020 general election,” the progressive activist group Our Revolution said in a press release.