Mexican president demands U.S. pay up or ‘flow of migrants will continue’

by Bob Unruh at

The president of Mexico, in an interview, has confirmed what essentially appears to be his attempt to blackmail the United States into paying billions of dollars, or else the “flow of migrants will continue.”

report at Fox News reveals that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador earlier demanded a series of actions by the United States in order for him to try to cut off some of the millions of illegal aliens coming from Mexico into the United States across its southern border.

Then just days ago, he said in an appearance on 60 Minutes that if the U.S. fails to meet his demands, “The flow of migrants will continue.”

The report said Obrador, in recent weeks, has demanded that the U.S. give $20 billion a year to Latin American nations, lift sanctions on Venezuela, end the Cuban embargo and give legal status in America to the millions of Mexicans who already have entered illegally.

Fox reported that the original demands, which have been described by critics “blackmail,” came in January when he made the demands regarding billions in cash, amnesty and more.