Guess who is short of farm workers?

by Silvio Canto at Let’s file this one in the “you can’t make this up” category.      Down Mexico way, they are running out of farm workers.    This is the story:   For decades, Mexicans crossed the border to pick Americans’ lettuce, grapes and strawberries. Mexico had a seemingly inexhaustible supply of farmhands […]

Biden Admin’s Secret Border Deal with Mexico Delays Onslaught of Migrant Crossings — 50 Percent Drop in Jan.

via The number of migrants apprehended along the southwest border with Mexico in January fell by more than 50 percent from the record-shattering report in December. Following dropping approval ratings for President Joe Biden on the topic of immigration and border security and a meeting between the Mexican president and two Biden administration cabinet […]

Arturo smells blackmail

By Silvio Canto at A few days ago, Jorge Ramos of Univision interviewed former Mexican ambassador to the United States Arturo Sarukhan. His analysis of how President Andres Lopez-Obrador greeted the Biden delegation is sound: AMBASSADOR ARTURO SARUKHAN: President Biden fundamentally needs Mexican support and López Obrador knows it and on the one hand he is taking […]