TEXAS MAGA BLOWOUT! Brendan Gill Wins Decisively in Texas District 26 Despite Millions Spent Against Him by Deep State Dark Money Groups (VIDEO)

by Jim Hoft at thegatewaypundit.com

Texas District 26 candidate Brandon Gill dominated his race last night in the Texas primaries. It was another sweeping win for MAGA and a HUGE loss for the elitist Rove-Bush branch of the party.

Gill won 58.4% of the vote – enough to ward off a runoff election. This was quite a feat in a primary election with 11 candidates!

This was not easy. In the race for the deep red Republican Texas 26th open Congressional seat, DC Dark Money Super PACs America Leads Action, Inc. launched a $1.1 million ad spend in false lies against Trump-endorsed candidate Brandon Gill.

The Super PAC spreading lies about Brandon Gill, America Leads Action Inc. spent $1,114,109 in attack ads against Brandon Gill in the run-up to the primary – in just two months!

Not only did dark-money Super PACs try to confuse Texas voters of the 26th District, but the lies they were spreading about Brandon Gill were completely false. Gill grew up on a Texas cattle ranch, and currently lives within the 26th District, and is not a carpetbagger as the false ads suggested.

Obviously, the people of District 26 did not believe the deep state dark money ads.  Brandon Gill is heading to the general election in November in a deep red Texas district.