Sweet Baby Inc. Runs To Kotaku After Their Cancel Campaign Got Destroyed And Their Company’s Vile Agenda Was Exposed

via thatparkplace.com

Sweet Baby Inc. is running to Kotaku in order to try and do damage control for the company after multiple employees tried to cancel a Steam Curator list as well as the creator of said list.

Sweet Baby Inc. employees Chris Kindred and Maya Kramer attempted to cancel Brazilian gamer KabrutusRambo after he created a Steam Curator list that lists out all of the games that Sweet Baby Inc. has worked on that are available on Steam.

Kindred posted on X, “The Steam curator harassment group Sweet Baby Inc detected is lead by this person, kabrutusrambo. Here’s them trying to be slick so they don’t get reported. Even with the discriminatory language filed off, the group itself still fails the code of conduct.”