WUT? Drag Queen Mogul RuPaul Building ‘Fortified Compound’ in Wyoming to Prepare for ‘Civil War’

by Ben Kew at thegatewaypundit.com

Drag queen personality RuPaul has revealed he is building a “fortified compound” in preparation for an impending civil war.

The 63-year-old, whose real name is RuPaul Andrew Charles and whose show is often credited with promoting drag queens into popular culture, made the extraodinary revelation in a profile with The New Yorker‘s Ronan Farrow, explaining that he was “fearing the absolute worst” about the prospects of civil war:

RuPaul is braced for conflict. “I’m fearing the absolute worst,” he said. “We are moments away from fucking civil war. All the signs are there.” He continued, “Humans on this planet are in the cycle of destruction. I am plotting a safety net.”

He was referring to a fortified compound being constructed on the sixty-thousand-acre ranch of his husband, Georges LeBar, in Wyoming.

“I wouldn’t call it a bunker,” he said. But it is designed to withstand calamity. “It’s a lot of concrete and a lot of things. I keep thinking about these castles that I’m going to bed to.”

Over the course of the interview, the host of Ru Paul’s Drag Race also provided his views on gender and unsurprisingly he thinks it is not a real concept.

“Gender is a concept that we come up with, in our minds and our egos,” he told Farrow. “My genitals are male. But I can be whatever I can. I feel I’m everything. You are everything. You are male, female. Sometimes I feel more male than others.”