Supreme Court Colorado Trump Ballot Decision Expected Monday Morning

by William A. Jacobson at

The Supreme Court has announced that it will release a single Opinion on Monday, March 4, 2024. What’s unusual is that normally opinions are read from the bench, at least in part, and tomorrow is not a decision day.

The Court didn’t say which Opinion will be released, but the prevailing wisdom is that it will be the case involving Trump being removed from the Colorado primary ballot. Since the Colorado primary is on March 5, Super Tuesday, everyone is assuming the Court wants to get the decision out before Tuesday.

As a reminder, just about everyone is expecting a Trump victory, as I wrote following the oral argument, Quick Take On SCOTUS Colorado “Insurrection” Oral Argument: Trump Likely To Stay On Ballot:

Making predictions based on oral arguments normally is risky, but I’ll take that risk: The Supreme Court will reverse not on the merits of whether Trump committed insurrection (that is not before them), but on any one of a number of issues raised that the Colorado Supreme Court exceeded its authority ….

I’m not sure it’s 9-0, Sotomayor may be a dissent, but it sure is looking like a strong majority if not unanimous result of SCOTUS saying: Not us, not now.

You can listen to more commentary from me here, “It’s going be a free-for-all in the country if they allow Colorado to get away with” keeping Trump off the ballot