Trump will be re-elected; hysterical progressives are right to be worried


This is Charles Martel, coming to you from Florida and bringing down the hammer for the Canada Free Press.

Donald Trump will be our next president. I’m making that point unequivocally, right now; if I’m wrong and get egg on my face then I’ll revisit this in November, and my critics can bathe in schadenfreude while I cry for the country that once was America.

Trump will be our next president because a majority of people want him; how’s that for Occam’s Razor? That number will increase from now until November. I’m well aware that the GOPe, the country club silk panty wearing dubonnet sippers, the go along to get along, belly up to the trough crowd of the Republican Party doesn’t want Trump; I’m equally aware that they’ve yet to realize that the rank and file has not so much left them behind as it has abandoned them. They are orphaned and forgotten.