Cuban Spy Bill Clinton Appointed to State Dept. is Arrested for Espionage


by Warner Todd Huston at

Once again, we see that leftism and the Democrat Party are detrimental to U.S. security after the man Bill Clinton appointed as an ambassador to Bolivia now admits that he was a spy for communist Cuba the whole time.

Democrats are so incredibly close to communists that they are bound to put dangerous, anti-Americans into important positions in our government.

Now we know that the latest example of this is in the person of Victor Manuel Rocha, the man Bill Clinton appointed to the National Security Council (1994 to 1995) and then later inducted into our foreign services in the year 2000 as he was leaving office.

But now the Colombian native has been arrested and has admitted that he has been handing over U.S. secrets to Cuban communists since he became a U.S. citizen in the 1980s.

Rocha, 73, was arrested in Dec. in Miami and charged with collecting intelligence for the communist state of Cuba since 1981, the Daily Mail reported.

He most recently began portraying himself as an ultra-MAGA, Donald Trump supporter so he could hide in plain sight.