Sky Lakes’ vision for a brighter future

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KLAMATH FALLS Ore – Sky Lakes is embarking on a journey with a new mission and vision, signaling a pivotal moment in its commitment to shaping a brighter future for the community. Guided by the dedication to enhancing the patient experience, improving access to care and the overall wellbeing of Klamath County, Sky Lakes’ leadership team is excited to chart a transformative path forward. 

Grounded in the belief of the power of community and the potential of every individual, Sky Lakes’ new mission is to “inspire human potential through better health.” In these six simple words, the organization encapsulates its dedication to guiding individuals toward a brighter and healthier future. It pledges to empower and support the community in realizing its infinite possibilities by fostering a culture of well-being and vitality. Through its dedication to comprehensive care, Sky Lakes seeks to ensure that every individual receives the support and the care they need throughout every stage of their health journey. 

“We want to be there for every patient on the entire continuum of care. Care starts long before a patient enters an exam room and continues through every touchpoint with our health system,” said Dr. Decker.

Sky Lakes’ commitment to comprehensive care extends beyond traditional healthcare, recognizing that the journey to well-being begins in the community, in education, in the home, and in a commitment to preventative care. This proactive and holistic approach is a cornerstone of Sky Lakes’ pledge to uplift the community and promote healthier lifestyles. 

Aligned with their mission, Sky Lakes has unveiled its new vision, affirming that “Sky Lakes will be a catalyst for positive change, creating a vibrant and thriving community committed to transforming the health and well-being of current and future generations.” This vision stands as a testament to Sky Lakes’ commitment to fostering a community where health, vitality, and resilience flourish. 

As part of this commitment, Sky Lakes continues to support various community-focused initiatives, including significant investments in parks and recreation, such as Klamath Commons, Eulalona Park, and the new Moore Park Playground. Sky Lakes also invests in our community through various programs and projects, like the Everyone Swims program, Blue Zones Project/Healthy Klamath, the Wellness Center, and additional investments to support tourism, arts and culture. Additional projects in the works are improved signage downtown, commissioned local art in our new roundabouts, and the extension of community trails for improved access to outdoor activity.